Cyber security that manages itself! ✅

With the variety, volume and velocity of the cyber-attacks that businesses face today, it is becoming increasingly critical to ensure your security solution is not only in place, but correctly managed.
At Aish we work with you to avoid lock in contracts. Many services we provide on a monthly basis, which allow you to expand and contract, depending on your work load. This is an ideal form of licencing if upfront software cost is a burden on your businesses cash flow.
Webroot is Aish Solutions’ end point protection service. This is the most effective, fastest and lightest end point protection we have found. It deploys onto your device in seconds, and from that point on is constantly updating in the background whilst reporting back to your management console, providing you an overview of everything that is happening on your network.
Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is an application that allows Aish to monitor and control devices on your network. It is constantly supervising for common problems, enabling us to fix them near real time, ensuring a great IT experience for you and your team.
If you have been breached and need help or are ready to implement a security solution immediately, contact us now.
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