IT Support

Help Desk

If you don’t have the internal resources to attend to all the technical support requests, we can help you.

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We can be your primary contact for all queries, or if you have some in-house resources, you can use us as an escalation point.

We have an IT professional looking after our help desk during business hours, who is supported by multiple engineers and consultants.

Our team has admission to the latest remote access software and can generally take control of your machine to assist with your issues without being onsite, saving your business money and providing a higher level of service. If an onsite visit is required, we will liaise with you to choose a suitable time.

Our flexible systems can handle email or phone requests and are often able to integrate with your internal help desk to keep things as simple as possible for your staff.

Infrastructure Auditing

Many clients come to us to trouble shoot issues they are facing in terms of an IT perspective. When a business is suffering because of disruption; this is where your IT plan will start.

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The first step is determining what you have and where it is failing. We will work with you to determine this from a technology point of view, then through discussion, we will add your business objectives to the situation and can produce an IT plan, prioritising in relation to your business requirements.

You will then be back in control, and will know what needs to happen. You will understand the priorities that have to happen to meet your business objectives.

Managed Internet/WAN Services

Aish is able to provide your business with a variety of Internet connectivity options, including Fibre, SHDSL and Wireless. For larger businesses, or those with specific needs, we offer managed MPLS solutions and dark fibre.

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Combined with our data centre and cloud offerings we’re able to provide full stack IT solutions, allowing you to have the flexibility of being fully hosted, on-premises, or hybrid.

Network Design

Your network is the foundation for your entire IT system; everything that you use will take advantage of this infrastructure, its reliability and availability is paramount.

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Our experience has shown that your network infrastructure is not like most IT purchases where there is a short life span. You are purchasing for a much longer period so product selection is key. Not only do you need to select a product that will work for you today, but one that will cover your requirements in the future too.

We have access to all the major network vendors’ products and will select equipment that is appropriate to your requirements.

System Maintenance

We all know that computer systems are seriously complex environments. To keep your environment running at its optimum, you must perform regular maintenance processes.

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Security patches are an important part of maintenance but only in the beginning. You want to be able to see trends in your system so you can address changes before they become a problem. Not only does your production environment need monitoring but backups need to be completed and files retrievable. All this, and we provide a monthly or bi-monthly maintenance process for our clients. The end result means a far more stable IT environment with planned upgrades and very few outages.

Project Management

Planning a project is essential in achieving an on time and on budget outcome.

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Our team will work with you through the entire project from design, procurement, implementation and maintenance of your system. You do not have to be a large business to benefit from the use of a project manager for the implementation process; timing things correctly can minimise the impact of any outages on your business.

If you are moving to public cloud, hybrid cloud or an in-house solution, planning is still key to the success of your projects.


Whether you are looking to house your DR server or simply want to take advantage of the redundancy, our data centre provides this and could be the solution you are looking for.

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We keep our pricing model as simple as possible; a single implementation fee followed by a monthly fee for a minimum of 3RU for rack space up to rental of entire racks. Depending on bandwidth requirements that is it. Simple. No varying power charges that make budgeting almost impossible.

Aish colocation service has no contracts to lock you in, you simply pay by the month. This ensures you are always in control, with the knowledge that we have your best interests at stake in terms of providing great customer service, and if you feel we don’t, you can simply leave.

Hosted Backup

Every good back up strategy needs to have data stored offsite. The process for getting this data offsite should be fully automated, provide reporting and be designed around the infrastructure you have in place.

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Aish’s data centre supports multiple vendor backup technologies, with your data being stored in Adelaide.

Our systems provide reporting, not just for completed or failed jobs like many competitors, but also for uncompleted jobs that are outside ‘normal’ parameters. Not only does our system report, but we also action those reports so you have peace of mind that your data is being backed up securely.

Veeam Cloud Connect is support for clients running Veeam products. This allows you to easily send your backup files to us. If you are not yet licenced for Veeam that is fine, we can keep your upfront costs to a minimum through provision of monthly billing. In addition to this simple licencing program, your Veeam Enterprise licence will have WAN optimisation capabilities added as part of the service, to ensure the best possible outcome for you. This capability generally costs thousands of dollars extra, if you were to purchase it through your normal licencing program.

If you don’t require Veeam level backup solutions, we also support Backup Assist cloud backup. This product is ideal for clients with limited internet connections, such as ADSL.

This software not only backs up your data, but does it incrementally, guaranteeing you get the maximum performance from your limited internet connectivity.

Aish hosted backup service has no contracts to lock you in, you simply pay by the month. This makes sure you are always in control, with the knowledge that we have your best interests at stake in terms of providing great customer service, and if you feel we don’t, you can simply leave.

Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

If you have wanted to have big business email functionality at a small business price point, this solution provides the functionality.


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Whether you are looking to simply synchronise your email calendars and contacts across multiple devices or take advantage of calendar sharing or even room/device booking services across your team members, Microsoft M365 Exchange online can do it all.

This service even stores your contacts, calendars and emails in the cloud so if you lose a device, you simply type in your credentials to your new device and it will populate all those details again within moments. M365 Exchange online also allows you to access your mail from anywhere in the world.

With a large 50GB mailbox as standard, along with email filtering service included, M365 Exchange online can deliver more functionality to your business and a better user experience for all.

Managed Hosting

Are you ready to start getting more value for your IT spend and work from anywhere with an Internet connection? Then hosting with Aish may be your answer.

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We have already invested in the infrastructure and share costs across many clients. This will give you access to powerful servers that are regularly upgraded, from anywhere with an Internet connection. Add to this the redundancy we can build in because of economies of scale, and you have an incredibly stable platform to base your business from.

We provide our hosted clients with the ability to store backup of their data within their own office, thus they are always in control of their information.

Our simple billing structure provides you with consistent monthly payments to assist you with budgeting.

The most important thing about Aish is, we will only move you to our hosted facility if it is right for your business. We have found that some businesses simply do not work well in a hosted environment. We can let you know this before you invest your time and money.

Aish’s hosting service has no contracts to lock you in, you simply pay by the month. This makes sure you are always in control, with the knowledge that we have your best interests at stake in terms of providing great customer service, and if you feel we don’t, you can simply leave.

Web Design

Looking at getting your business online? Or does your current website need refreshing? We offer a range of web design options to suit all needs and budgets. We produce up-to-date digital marketing that will facilitate in developing your business.

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These days it makes sense to develop an online presence for your business. We create cutting-edge, result focused websites, that can be easily viewed on multiple devices. These sites can be designed and built from scratch or revitalised from your out-of-date, existing website.

We can even host the website for you with your own custom domain! A company’s potential customers will always be able to tell the difference between a cheap website and one that costs a little more. The costlier website is more likely to score.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Using cloud services provides you with access to different licencing models than you may have potentially used in the past and predominantly based around subscription. What you need to be aware of, are the contract terms you are committing to.

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At Aish we work with you to avoid lock in contracts.

Many services we provide on a monthly basis, which allow you to expand and contract, based on projects or work load. This is not limited to just desktop applications; it also includes Microsoft server products. This is an ideal form of licencing if upfront software cost is a burden on your businesses cash flow.

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