Cyber Security

Our technical services philosophy is based on the knowledge that our clients rely heavily on IT for their business productivity and growth. Contacting an international call centre for assistance is simply not the answer.

We want you to be able to maximise your returns on your IT investment through well planned implementation as well as reliable technical support.

We understand the importance of both pre- and post-sales support and although we offer a procurement service, we still provide installation and configuration advice for those who choose to purchase equipment elsewhere.


Webroot is Aish Solutions end point protection service. This is the most effective, fastest and lightest end point protection we have found.

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It deploys onto your device in seconds and from that point on constantly updates in the background and reports back to your management console providing you an overview of everything that is happening on your network


Webscreen is Aish Solutions web browsing protection solution. Malware attacks are now most commonly linked to the Internet so you need to protect your users when surfing the web.

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Webscreen provides visibility for activity across all your network devices, blocking phishing, malware and ransomware earlier, all controlled from a constantly updated scanning engine.


Mailscreen is Aish Solutions email protection and categorisation solution that is always updating, to protect you from new threats as they emerge. Mailscreen inspects and categorises every incoming email, and together with other trusted scanning and reputation services, stops suspicious content and email based malware in its tracks.

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Industry leading protection against phishing, blended and targeted threats.

Our Vendors

This includes online and email print job submissions as well as in-store face to face operations. We endeavour to continue to provide our services to you as long as it is safe to do so.
We are still open.
IT Support Services
On-site support is currently only available to businesses that qualify as essential services, all other business we are able to support remotely. Please email [email protected], where possible, rather than calling as we are experiencing a very high demand currently.

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Stay safe.
Our office will be opening for business as usual from 8:30am, Monday 23rd November.