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How do you know which IT equipment and software is best for your business? With so many choices of seemingly similar products with significantly different prices, it can be a frustrating and time consuming process.

Let Aish help you and your business.

Whilst we have access to hundreds of brands and products, we have narrowed it down in each market segment to just one or two. The best product for you depends on the size of your business, reliance on the equipment and its purpose. We call it selecting the ‘best of breed’, and this is crucial to the procurement strategy we propose for our clients.

We have completed the hard work for you and selected the best products, not just from a purchase price point of view, but also with regard to quality, as well as the availability of assistance when you require it.


Selecting the right equipment for your business requirements is essential. Our experience has shown that people quickly forget the bargain price they paid for something if it doesn’t perform. Any initial cost saving can also be eroded away by poor after-sales support.

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For each area of the hardware market, we have chosen partners who provide a competitive price up-front, but most importantly, are also able to support your business over the life of your equipment.

Our team will work with you to determine the best vendors’ products for your business. We will continually take into account, the impact of that device on your business should it fail, and where it is cost effective, provide options to reduce risks.

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Internet Provisioning

Selecting the correct Internet service for your business can have a large impact on your experience, especially if you are sending data out to the internet like many business users do.

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Selecting the correct Internet service for your business can have a large impact on your experience.

While many services are provided by the NBN, do not get tricked into thinking all NBN services are equal.

You carrier selection is critical, as it is what they do on the NBN service that ultimately determines your speed or experience.

Support is a large consideration as it is when things go wrong you need to know they are there for you

We work with clients and carriers to select the best Internet connection for their business needs, we can assist you with:

  • NBN
  • Ethernet
  • Fibre
  • Dark Fibre

With the correct service selection, your Internet experience will significantly improve. Often we can offset the cost through consolidating your communication services (phones) over a single link, therefore cost can remain at a minimum

Large Format Printers

Large format printers and multifunction devices

(Larger than A3 prints)

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Due to our history and involvement with the construction industry, this area of the market remains a huge part of business for Aish. Our knowledge on HP large format printers is second to none in the Adelaide market, with competitive pricing on all key vendors’ products available. In addition to this, since we use many of these units ourselves, we understand the ‘special’ attention they may need to optimise.

This style of large format printer can be used in many industries, including construction, arts, design and education,
and are available in a number of different widths depending on your requirements.

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Network Infrastructure

This is the foundation of your entire operation, connecting everything together; should it fail everything can stop. There are large price differences between vendors’ products that appear to perform the same function, but do they?

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Having been in the industry for over 25 years, our experience has confirmed that it is what is NOT stated about products, that you really need to worry about.

Our team will work alongside you to determine which vendor has the products that suit your business needs. Aish takes into account, not only performance, but reliability, warranty response and ongoing support availability.

This is not an area of your business that you should consider cutting costs in; should something go wrong; it is then that you will need to spend more than what you saved in the first place.

Small Format Printers

Standard format printers and multifunction devices

(Up to A3)

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Many people are driven by the upfront cost of a printer, but you need to be mindful of the running costs by taking into account the number of pages you will be printing and how much colour you might use. These ongoing costs will more than likely be far higher than your initial purchase price, even if you are only printing relatively small volumes.

Our team will work with you to determine the device that is best suited to your requirements and take into account your ongoing costs.

We are able to put your device onto our Click Charge Program, so you can lock in running costs for up to three years; this remains, without increase because of the Australian dollar reducing or vendors deciding they need a revenue boost. This is a fully automated replenishment service; hence you should never run out of supplies again.


Software licensing can be a complicated matter because most people are unaware of how many different ways there are to access software, and what implications there can be due to the selection they make.

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Aish invests significantly in maintaining our team’s knowledge on software licencing models across many vendors. Our relationship with vendors and continuous training, ensures our clients are acquiring their software in best way for their business.

When we at Aish are helping you with software licencing, we consider all the licencing types available, not just a product because it is being advertised or because there is a sales ‘kick back’. We genuinely look at the options available and apply them to your business, based on your history and forward projections. This may sound complex but when you understand licencing, it becomes very apparent about what is the most cost effective arrangement for your business.

Supplies / Consumables

Purchasing the correct supplies for your printing device is as important as selecting the correct printer. Good quality printing is the result of integrated design; the print engine, toners, inks, sticks and software must all work together to provide the best image quality and most reliable printing.

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Because we understand that supplies are crucial, we only sell genuine cartridges from the manufacturer of the printer.

We hold a large range of supplies in our Adelaide based warehouse, therefore can deliver to you in a timely manner. If you need it fast, we offer as low as a two-hour delivery, or you are welcome to come and collect it.

If you are printing considerable volumes, you should talk to us about our Click Charge Program.

It can provide you with:

  • Pay after you use the supplies
  • FREE delivery of supplies
  • Fixed cost for period of agreement
  • Monthly billing for improved cash flow
  • Automated replenishment


We have found that many clients are looking for more from their phone systems; requiring a reliable operation to accommodate their changing business requirements.

We have the competence to provide corporate level functionality as a small business price point with no large upfront outlay. We are able to guide you on which platform is best for your unique business requirements, we are not locked into only a single solution.

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We provide phone systems either on premise or cloud based. It comes down to the performance you would like from it. We are platform independent, guaranteeing you get the best available for your unique needs. Options are:

  • Auto transfer the landline to your mobile at no / or included cost
  • Bundle in your local and national calls in a fixed monthly price
  • Provide a variety of handsets that meet your needs
  • Out of hours’ message, message taking or call diversion all can be accommodated

Depending on the way we do this, we can often provide the additional functionality at the same or lower price point than you are currently paying, as a bonus you may end up with faster internet!


New smarter, faster, and more affordable FlashSystems. Designed and built by IBM.

IBM has recently announced the new FlashSystem family to make multi-cloud simple among many other things. This makes now a great time to have a conversation around your data storage needs and what we believe could be a great solution to improve your multi-cloud performance, security and manageability.

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The IBM FlashSystem 5000 range comprises the entry level models that pack a big business punch for a small business price – and come loaded with much of the same AI, speed, availability and management systems found in higher-end models.

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Our Vendors

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We thank you for your continued support and look forward to working with you in the new year.

Stay safe and well.
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