Who has control of your Office 365 data? ­čśľ

Many people assume that it is Microsoft’s┬áresponsibility┬áto back up and protect the data within their service. The reality is, the data is yours to protect! Unless you have a protection plan in place, you leave your business open to losing your invaluable data.

Aish SolutionsÔÇÖ data centre supports multiple backup technologies, with your data being stored here in Adelaide.┬áThis software performs an incremental backup, promising you get the maximum performance from your limited internet connectivity.┬áNot only does our system report, it also actions these reports to ensure peace of mind when it comes to your precious data.

Keeping your valuable data offsite and on separate systems is key in ensuring a malware attack or other disaster does not leave you without the ability to recover. Aish’s┬áhosted backup service has no lock in contracts meaning you conveniently┬ápay by the month guaranteeing you are always in control.

If you want to know more about how you can keep your data secure for a low monthly cost, contact us today.

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