How to block spam & viruses 🚫

The best way to protect your business from infection is to place defensive layers between you and the attack. The more layers, the higher your security, the harder your system is to enter.
Malware is present all over the internet, waiting to be stumbled across by browsing to an infected page or innocently clicking on a link in an email from what was believed to be a trusted sender.
Webscreen is Aish Solutions web browsing solution which acts as your first line of defence. It offers flexible, cloud-delivered security how and when you need it. Combining multiple security functions into one solution enables you to extend protection to devices, remote users, and distributed locations anywhere. Webscreen is the easiest way to effectively protect your users everywhere when accessing the internet.
Mailscreen is Aish Solutions email filtering solution which blocks threats before they reach your mailbox. Mailscreen protects your environment against spam, malware and phishing attacks through the use of a multilayered intelligence and a detection engine that inspects your inbound traffic in real time to protect your users from cyber threats.
Together these solutions work efficiently to achieve a high level of cyber security, all for very minimal cost per user.
If you have been breached and need help or are ready to implement a security solution immediately, contact us now.
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