Five New Year’s Resolutions For Your Computer

For most, a new year means a time to start fresh projects, work towards new goals or make changes to your lifestyle. This year, ensure you keep your technology in mind when making these plans.

Here are five new year’s resolutions for your computer, to ensure both you and your technology have a safe start to 2022.

Run The Best Security Software

In the modern day, computer threats have become further sophisticated, damaging and much more common. This is why it’s important to use more than your included basic antivirus, and instead implement multiple layered security to protect your computer.

Webroot works to prevent, detect, deflect and monitor your system. Using security layers ensures you are much more protected from potential threats and attacks.

Clean Up Files

Clearing unnecessary files from your machine is a great way to gain additional storage, which in return, boosts performance. Much like a spring clean, de-cluttering your computer can leave both your machine and yourself feeling refreshed and new again.

Restart Your Computer

This is an important one that is often forgotten about. It’s convenient to have your machine wake instantly when you are wanting to use it, however restarting your computer every now and again will prolong it’s performance. Although you may have closed an application, it is highly likely it is still running in the background, and therefore eating up RAM. Restarting will ensure the programs are fully closed to solve this issue and keep everything running smoothly.

Use A Password Manager

It is very unwise to use the same password twice, but how else do we remember them all? Meet Last Pass. Last Pass is a password manager that stores your credentials in one secure location, making it convenient and easy to secure your accounts and protect your data and identity. Last Pass also features a password generator which provides you with strong and unique passwords that could never be guessed.

Keep Your Computer Away From Dust

As computers have self-cooling systems, their fans are always working to ensure your machine does not overheat. These fans can attract and suck in dust and other particles which can damage the inside of your technology. Be careful to position your computer or laptop in ways that they are not exposed to dirt, dust or on top or blankets etc that can carry such matter. Regularly clean your technology, including keyboards, screens and the like.

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