Delivery Scam Alert ❗

Aish has been made aware of a current Australian wide delivery scam and is issuing a warning to our community.
Monitoring the security landscape is a crucial part of our responsibility as IT providers and we take your protection seriously. Please be extra vigilant when receiving communications and share the below information with colleagues and family.
What to look for
This particular phishing attempt involves a variety of Australian company branded emails informing the end user of a problem with their nonexistent delivery. The email advises the order is on hold until payment is made and promotes the user to follow a link where they are prompted to submit payment credentials and transfer funds to an unknown bank account.
How phishing scams work
Phishing scams are when hackers use the identity of brands you know and trust to convince you an immediate action is required on your behalf. These emails are usually threatening, implying that a consequence will be taken if personal or financial information is not provided.This is how they gain direct access to your credentials, finances and possibly your identity.
How to respond
Keep in mind that trusted companies will never request personal or financial information nor process payments via email communication. Ensure that you delete and do not respond to any potentially threatening emails. If you are unsure or face problems, we are here to help.
For more information contact us on the details provided below. If you have been breached or need immediate help, contact us now.
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