As the workplace continues to blend between physical and remote environments, protecting company data has become a top priority. We’ve all seen the fallout of poor security policies – phishing scams, data breaches and exposing confidential information just to name a few. So it’s not uncommon for companies to reactively set...

Freak weather events. Global pandemics. Supply chain gridlocks. Last year businesses experienced multiple waves of serious and disruptive events. Some were crippled by the unexpected. Others didn’t miss a beat. Of those that fared well, many worked with third-party IT service companies known as managed service providers (MSP) to handle important...

For most, a new year means a time to start fresh projects, work towards new goals or make changes to your lifestyle. This year, ensure you keep your technology in mind when making these plans. Here are five new year’s resolutions for your computer, to ensure both you and your technology...

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are still working to fully grasp the ramifications to the organisation. With fewer in-person meetings to help close sales and answer questions, manufacturers need to employ the right strategy to deliver the correct information to prospective buyers. Nowhere is this more...

Your cheat sheet to the new #Windows11. How much more can you really do? After six years of anticipation, Microsoft is making good on its promise to streamline the Windows experience. Designed with a fresh look and feel, it’s ready to meet the needs of the modern workplace. As of October 5th,...

Change is hard. But with #SaaS, digital transformation doesn’t have to be. The pandemic proved customer behaviours can turn on a dime. Companies that weren't able to keep up quickly found there was a line of competitors waiting to take up the slack. If you're like most businesses, that reality means your...

VPS hosting is ideal for businesses that grow too large for shared web hosting, but aren't quite large enough yet to justify moving into dedicated server hosting. A large number of the best web hosting services that offer shared and dedicated hosting also offer the best VPS hosting packages, and...

It has always been a challenge to run a successful business, and with fewer resources, experience and cash than larger organisations, keeping yours afloat gets even more daunting. And while this was true before Covid-19, this pandemic has made it at least a few magnitudes more difficult. While Covid has created...

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a category of file-level storage that’s connected to a network and enables data access and file sharing across a heterogeneous client and server environment. “Ideally, NAS is platform- and OS-independent, appears to any application as another server, can be brought online without shutting down the network and...

This includes online and email print job submissions as well as in-store face to face operations. We endeavour to continue to provide our services to you whilst adhering to all safety precautions.
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The Aish office will be closed from COB Thursday December 23rd and re-opening on Monday January 10th 2022.
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