Are your employees your business’ weakest link? 👨‍💻

Boost your business’ cyber security today by training your employees to recognise suspicious emails. Create a front line that stands strong and proves to be indestructible against malicious online threats.
Awareness Training teaches employees to identify, reject and correctly action any unwanted, malicious emails threatening the company and therefore protecting the business with their upmost caution.
Awareness Training is the first crucial layer of Aish’s security stack. With fast increasing numbers of attacks and hackers taking advantage of any situation, it is more important than ever to keep your employees informed and aware of any potential threats to your valuable company systems.
Whilst many people believe they would not be fooled by such phishing scams, recent studies show that 48% of office workers admit to being hacked with a shocking 97% of those neglecting to change their passwords afterwards!
If you have been breached and need help or are ready to implement a security solution immediately, contact us now.
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