Procurement Services

Procurement Services

How do you know which IT equipment and software is best for your business? With so many choices of seemingly similar products with significantly different prices, it can be a frustrating and time consuming process.

Let Aish Solutions help you and your business.

Whilst we have access to hundreds of brands and products, we have narrowed it down in each market segment to just one or two. The best product for you depends on the size of your business, reliance on the equipment and its purpose. We call it selecting the ‘best of breed’, and this is crucial to the procurement strategy we propose for our clients.

We have completed the hard work for you and selected the best products,
not just from a purchase price point of view, but also with regard to quality,
as well as the availability of assistance when you require it.

Procurement Team

We were thinking about upgrading a couple of machines back in 2008 and it was suggested to me by a family member I should contact Aish. Upon my initial discussions with David, he started asking me about my business and how we operated, I thought it was a little strange at the time, but when I received his proposal I understood. He was not there to sell me a couple of computers, he was looking at how technology could be implemented in my business and make us more efficient.

Those couple of computers turned into a network and a server, we have never looked back. We have regular maintenance on the server with our offsite back up being hosted by Aish. The technicians are always friendly and prepared to assist. If you want to use IT as a tool in your business then give the team at Aish Solutions a call. I’m sure that they would serve you as well as they have served us.

Roger Quinsey

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