IT Services

IT Services

Our technical services philosophy is based on the knowledge that our clients rely heavily on IT for their business productivity and growth. Contacting an international call centre for assistance is simply not the answer.

We want you to be able to maximise your returns on your IT investment through well planned implementation as well as reliable technical support.

We understand the importance of both pre- and post-sales support and although we offer a procurement service, we still provide installation and configuration advice for those who choose to purchase equipment elsewhere.

IT Team

Career Employment Group has 6 office locations, with most of them being remotely based, and as a consequence of this was continually experienced problems with its IT system, that is until we enlisted the services of Aish. Aish performed a detailed analysis of our existing system and advised us on the alternative approaches for both hardware and software that we could take to sort out the constant IT issues that we were experiencing. I am very pleased to say that was over 5 years ago and that our IT system has never worked better. I can confidently recommend Aish to anybody looking for a quality and
reliable provider of IT services.

Andrew Anninos

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